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Labeling solutions for all requirements

Our labelers are designed to apply labels precisely and efficiently to a variety of products and packaging.
Whether it's applying labels to SD cards, memory sticks, DVD boxes, jewel cases, game boxes,
or cardboard boxes, we offer solutions for every need.

Price tags, barcode labels, or warranty stickers - our labelers always ensure reliable and high-quality results.

With our LAB series, we offer a variety of labeling solutions tailored to different requirements.
From labelers for flat packaging to labelers for bottles, we cover a wide range of applications and provide
customized solutions for your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our LAB series labelers can help you meet
your labeling requirements efficiently and reliably.
ADR Ingenieurprodukte

LAB-Input Feeder - Separation Unit

Explore the LAB Input Feeder – an efficient accessory for precise product feeding. Flexibly adjustable for diverse items, it ensures peak performance for you...
3.900,00 € *

AP360e Label Applicator

Primera AP360e labeler for roll labels. Can apply a label to items such as bottles (up to 1200 per hour). Offered with 100-240 VAC, Euro plug, CE.
1.495,00 € *

AP362e Label Applicator

Primera AP362e label applicator for roll labels. Can store up to two labels on items such as Apply bottles (up to 1200 per hour) 100-240 VAC, Euro Plug, CE
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ADR Ingenieurprodukte

LAB510 Universal Label Applicator

The LAB510 by JMV Robotique is a cutting-edge labeling device renowned for its automation, speed, and precision in labeling tasks. Versatile across industrie...
14.200,00 € *
START International

LAP65-60 Label dispensers

The START International LAP65-60 is a manual hand-held label applicator. For labels 1 to 2.36" wide and 0.78 to 2.36" long.
150,00 € *
START International

LAP65-100 Handheld Applicator

START International LAP65-100 is a manual handheld label applicator. For labels 1 to 3.93" wide and 0.78 to 2.36" long.
170,00 € *

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