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Micro board copying systems - Microboards technology company

Microboards Technology was founded in 1989 and initially specializes in CD-R technology players and recorders. With the development of DVD and Blu-Ray technology, Microboards has expanded its product range. CD / DVD / Blu-ray burning drives, publishers belong to the company's product range just like internal hard drives for micro-board copying systems.
We are your specialist for the distribution of microboard copiers and microboard copying systems. We offer in our online shop u. a. single Microboards burn drives and large Microboardkopiersysteme in the form of Kopiertowern. Of course, our online shop also offers spare parts and hard disks for Microboard copiers.

Microboard copying systems / microboard systems
We have u. a. the following products on offer:
- Microboards Kopiertower / burning drives
- Microboards Publisher
- Hard disks
Microboardsysteme - Kopiertower

The micro-board copying systems are capable of copying CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The Microboard copiers have several Blu-Ray disk burning drives combined to form a tower. The CopyWriter Blu-Ray series is z. B. with 1, 4, 7 or 10 Blu-Ray recorders available. As a standalone devices, the Microboard copier work without a PC connection would be necessary. The Kopiertower is operated via several function keys and delivered with a 500 GB HDD hard disk. An integrated display with touch function allows for easy and comfortable operation of the copying power. The Microboard Copier is easy to use even for beginners.
Micro Board Systems - Publisher

The publishers of Microboards are easy-to-use label systems for your Blu-Rays, DVDs or CDs. You can quickly create the final touch for your storage medium. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for beginners to learn the operation. With an enormous disc capacity, 100 discs can be printed unattended. With proven HP ink technology, the colors are faithfully printed on your discs.

Microboard Systems - Hard Drives

We sell 250 GB hard drives for your Microboard copier, if you want to extend the storage space of the microboard systems.

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