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The presentation of products is crucial and makes the difference that makes the difference to your purchase. That's why it's really important to pay attention to professional packaging. In our shop you will find excellent cellophane wrappers / cellophane wrappers for manual as well as automatic packaging.

Professional packaging machines: Cellophaning machines

Here in this category we at ADR AG offer you various cellophane wrappers and folding machines. You will find just as classic shrinking machines or the professional cellophane wrappers for every area, as well as specialized equipment that works manually or automatically.

Packaging machines from ADR AG are the little useful helpers that make a big difference to you and your products. You sell more with professionally packaged CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.

ADR Ingenieurprodukte

ADR EZ Wrapper

Cellophaning machine in a compact design for various products. Low cost and easy to use for many formats.
449,00 € *
ADR Ingenieurprodukte

ADR Autowrapper

Semiautomatic cellophane overwrapper to wrap squared products that already have welding on the long side. This system gives the product an nice finish. The A...
From 7.499,00 € *
ADR Ingenieurprodukte

Speedstar 1 Cellophaner

Manual cellophane wrapping machine for laminating CD Jewel Cases, DVD Amaray Cases and product cartons.
1.495,00 € *

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