ADR is QA certified 
after Norm ISO 9001:2015

for the areas production,
distribution and mechanical engineering

The following brands are part of the ADR Group

DISCUS Medical CD Producer

JMV Packaging machines

Mechanical punch tool

Mechanical services

VS Degausser

Brotherjet UV printer

SD-Producer NG LOG

SD-Producer NG LOG

SD-Producer NG LOS series will be deliverd with "LOG Report" function. The system produces a report for every executed process. The report will be saved as a LOG file o the device and can be exported to the PC as .txt file via USB. Now you can print the file

Also you can LOCK the SD Cards and change the copied content into a CD-Rom partition which is undeletable and unchangeable on a regular PC. Therefore you can assure that the data is not deleted or modified. 

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