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SAS / SATA Duplicator / SAS / SATA Copier

You can now easily copy your SAS and SATA hard disks via the hard disk copying system and do this without a PC. Eg with the ITS-Series - SAS & SATA HDD / SSD Duplicator. With our hard disk copying system you can copy several hard disks at the same time and with high transfer speeds of up to 18 GB per minute. We guarantee that copying will take place without any speed reduction, even if you connect several hard disks at once. Such transfers are far beyond PC based devices. Nevertheless, there are models of the SAS / SATA copier or hard disk duplicator, e.g. the ADR HD Producer MT HIGHSPEED series, where you can track the copying process on the computer. In addition, there are functions on the hard disk copying system for secure deletion and deletion.

These devices are mobile and therefore easy and easy to transport. There is usually a Locked DC-in connector installed in the hard drive duplicator to prevent accidental unplugging. In addition, the device is equipped with simple and large icons for easy navigation. There are memory interfaces SAS, SATA, e-SATA enclosure, IDE (with the included adapter), USB3.0, SCSI, 1394, PCIE, Mini-PCIE, NGFF. The hard disk copying system, z. B. SuperCopier IT 8 "SAS supports 3.5", 2.5 ", ZIF, 1.8" storage, Micro SATA and Mini SATA storage.

Advantages of the SAS / SATA copier or hard disk duplicator

The hard drives are easily inserted into the respective SAS / SATA copier and quickly removed. The cabling of individual hard drives with a lot of time is no longer necessary on our SAS / SATA copier. In most cases, Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh and others are supported by the disk duplicator.

ADR Ingenieurprodukte

ADR SAS Producer MT

SAS Duplicator for SAS and SATA harddrives. You can duplicate and erase your SAS HDDs very quick and easy.
From 2.898,00 € excl tax
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ADR Ingenieurprodukte

Carry SAS Producer HIGHSPEED with 1 Target

Specially designed for professional use, the ADR Mini SAS/SATA Duplicator with a target is your partner for fast and uncomplicated data transfer, backup and...
999,00 € excl tax

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