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The company Ritek is located in the Republic of China on Taiwan in the city of Hsinchu. Ritek manufactures CDs, DVDs and OLEDs as well as MP3 players and card readers. The company sells goods worldwide and was founded on December 29, 1988. Ritek has about 6000 employees.

Ritek / CD blanks

Ritek is one of the largest CD manufacturers in the world. CD blank CDs are offered via CD-R and CD-RW. The CD blanks are high-temperature, moisture-proof, and deliver peak performance and reliability. The high-quality processed CD blanks provide maximum protection for your data. The blank CD-RW discs, on the other hand, are great for data and audio backup uses. These guarantee the highest quality standards for transcoding and rewrite your data up to 1,000 times faster. RITEK CD-RW discs are also capable of multi-speed writing.

Ritek / DVD blanks for your movies

Ritek DVD Blank (DVD-R and DVD + R) are high quality multimedia data storage media for storing your data. Both formats offer 4.7 GB of storage capacity that can hold a full 120-minute DVD movie on a single blank DVD. Ritek DVD blanks offer great performance and compatibility with PC drives and DVD players. With high quality organic dye from Ritek, the DVD blanks provide best durability to store and protect your important data for a long time. Try the blank DVDs for your movies!

Ritek / Blu-ray discs for HD videos

The Ritek Blu-ray blanks are revolutionizing empty media using blue-violet lasers. These Blu-ray discs capture either high-definition (HD) video or several gigabytes of data. Ritek uses the exclusive Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and has sophisticated production know-how. The Blu-ray discs will bring you in a short time and at low prices in the next generation. You can enjoy high-definition TV programs over Ritek Blu-ray blanks.

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