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Rimage is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CD, DVD and Blu-ray production systems as well as copying and printing systems. These offer you a professional performance and quality.

Rimage / copying and printing systems

The printing and copying system has a network operation. This is particularly advantageous when several people or groups want to access the copier of CDs and DVDs at the same time. These systems are very easy to use and can be used without individual prior knowledge. Within a few minutes, your CDs and DVDs can be copied and individually produced via the printing system. This will allow your data to be transferred to CD-R media kits. Printing CD-R media kits opens up completely new possibilities for your company. This copier system burns and prints your media fully automatically.

Rimage / advantages of these systems and the corresponding printer accessories

Our devices offer low maintenance costs and shine with reliability and high speed at the same time. The copier systems are equipped with the CD Office Suite software and have breathtaking inkjet printing technology. Through built-in LCD displays on the device, the device shows you the current job. This gives you a complete overview of all activities of the system and their components.

With the latest printing technology from HP, you get an optimal print image. In addition, the devices consume very little ink, but still provide a clean and enjoyable result.

If you have further questions about our products, then you are welcome to contact our competent and friendly customer service. We are also happy to help you with questions about our printer accessories!

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