CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray Duplicator with Printer

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Are you interested in CD / DVD / Blu-ray Duplicators? Are you looking for a device that works fast and efficiently? You want CD / DVD / Blu-ray copier with integrated printer? Then write us! We are your specialist for high quality and cheap CD / DVD / Blu-ray printers and duplicators.
CD / DVD / Blu-ray Duplicator with printer
With our CD / DVD / Blu-ray duplicators, you can inexpensively reproduce CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays for office and home use. This allows you to copy up to 375 discs per run. The operation is easily possible without prior knowledge through the one-touch operation. This device is used to copy and burn the media quickly and easily.
More versatility with CD / DVD / Blu-ray Duplicators including disc printer
Here you'll find disc duplicators with integrated CD / DVD / Blu-ray Disc printer which duplicate your Masterdisc and prints your individual motifs and texts onto the blanks. There are several printer options available to suit different needs such as inkjet, thermal or thermal transfer. In just a few seconds, you can print a CD, DVD or Blu-ray over the entire area and with high quality. The focus of our CD / DVD / Blu-ray printers has been on efficiency and production performance right from the start. Lexmark's built-in inkjet print module gives CD / DVD / Blu-ray printers outstanding print quality. In addition, the CD / DVD / Blu-ray printer can be used in a network. This allows all employees within the network to access the duplicator with printer.
If you have further questions about our CD / DVD / Blu-ray copier, CD / DVD / Blu-ray printer or copier with printer, then you are welcome to contact our competent and friendly customer service.

ADR CD, DVD und Blu-ray Kopierer mit Drucker vervielfältigen und bedrucken Rohlinge mit Motiven und Texten Ihrer Wahl. Sie können zwischen Tintenstrahldruck, Thermo- oder Thermo Re-Transfer Druck wählen. Dabei überzeugen die Tintenstrahldrucker mit ausgezeichneter Druckqualität. Die „One-Touch“ Bedienung ist unkompliziert und kann auch von ungeübtem Personal durchgeführt werden. Neben unseren eigenen Anlagen liefern wir auch Modelle anderer Hersteller. Wir bieten sowohl Geräte für den preisbewussten Office und Heimbedarf an, wie auch Systeme für die Groß-Serien Produktion. Diese Anlagen sind zumeist netzwerkfähig und erlauben externen Zugriff auf Kopierer und Drucker.

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