ADR is QA certified 
after Norm ISO 9001:2015

for the areas production,
distribution and mechanical engineering

The following brands are part of the ADR Group

DISCUS Medical CD Producer

JMV Packaging machines

Mechanical punch tool

Mechanical services

VS Degausser

Brotherjet UV printer

20 % Discount for returned machine

Our 20% discount offer for a new PRIMERA Disc Publisher unit

You still have a DiscPublisher II or a Signature printer in use?
We offer you a benefit of a 20 – 30% discount at a purchase of our current model
by trade-in your predecessor one.

This offer only applies to the Discpublisher II, Signature Pro
and Z6 models. The print cartridge for these models are only available as left-overs with
immediate effect, so they will be useless after sale. This discount campaign is running until the
end of March 2018 and is limited to one unit per customer.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call and feel free to discuss your current needs with one of our
experts. Contact

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