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after Norm ISO 9001:2015

for the areas production,
distribution and mechanical engineering

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DISCUS Medical CD Producer

JMV Packaging machines

Mechanical punch tool

Mechanical services

VS Degausser

Brotherjet UV printer

Premium Whirlwind Tower without HDD

The Premium tower from ADR AG are the solution for clients with high standards. Besides the well-known Controllers in the Whirlwind series we use the best drives in the market for the PREMIUM towers.
THE LITEON PREMIUM drives LO-DH-16AFSH-Premm-2-T are especially developed for the disc publishing market to match very special requirements. The electronical and mechanical components in the drives do have higher quality as standard IT drives in the market.
Many components in these drives are especially designed for the LITEON PREMIUM Drives.
The spin-up motor, the pick-up head, the belt, the heat sink and the SATA connectors do have a better quality.
The complete production process in controlled more strict than a normal drive production. There is a strict quality control from design to production.

Furthermore the the PREMIUM Whirlwind towers do have the highest compatibility rate in the market. This is possible through an individual firmware that the drive works with an exclusive burning strategy.

The PREMOIUM series from ADR come with 24 months warranty (limited on 5000 Discs on each drive) 

Choose the PREMIUM Whirlwind and enjoy the best possible duplication tower in the market !

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