ADR is QA certified 
after Norm ISO 9001:2015

for the areas production,
distribution and mechanical engineering

The following brands are part of the ADR Group

DISCUS Medical CD Producer

JMV Packaging machines

Mechanical punch tool

Mechanical services

VS Degausser

Brotherjet UV printer

CD / DVD Printer

CD / DVD Printer by ADR

ADR offers a wide range of high-quality printers for CDs and DVDs. Of course there are different manufacturers, but the main difference is their purpose.

The selection of a printer depends on:

- how many CDs or DVDs should be printed

- which period of time

- effort

We offer the perfect solution for your requirements with printers by Primera, ADR, Teac, Epson, Microboards and Rimage.

In general we differntiate between 3 types of printing methods:

Thermal printing for CD/DVD s

Water resistant monochroma black print for applications where simple black print is sufficient but water resistant and long-lasting print is a must, f.e. Archiving or Documentation on demand discs. 

Here you find additional information about a documention on demand solution based on ADR Robotics -  X-Net DOD Solution


InkJet printer for CD/DVD s

Full Colour print in high resolution and highly water resistant and smudge proof. If you combine an inkjet printer with high quality glossy media you will get a great result that can easily be used in retail and which creates a huge marketing effect. Print with inkjet CD printers in full colour and high resolution and print any disc image you can create. 

Themal Retransfer / Microdry printers for CD/DVD s

Thermal Retransfer CD printers use the same technology like photo kiosks to develop your digital photos fast and easy. They offer the best possible print result for in-house printing and are 100 % water and UV resistant. There is no better print quality available. See for yourself and request some custom made print samples from us at no costs.

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